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About Us

By changing the scenery and mixing up the daily grind, you create a lasting impression for your employees, increasing the likelihood they will retain the information. It also gives more weight to the topics discussed which makes offsite meetings great for yearly round-ups and important topics.

Our background in hospitality and with our sister company Kitchen Incorporated we catered for multiple closing dinners. This opened our eyes for the problem that companies have for unique meeting spaces where they can truly brainstorm in a environment that is unique and fresh. of course, with our celebrated concepts of great food by Kitchen Inc. The difference that Offsite Amsterdam brings to your meeting table is to make every meeting matter and supply you with truly unique spaces in the old city of Amsterdam. High end locations against smart pricing after all your meeting is part of your business and your financial controller needs to be happy to.

Call us today and ask us where your meeting should be next in the city of Amsterdam.

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