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The Location 


This is a venue for offsite business meetings, brainstorm sessions, product presentations, workshops, book launches and other business events in the city center of Amsterdam. 

Next to the central station and the biggest carpark of Amsterdam right in the city center. , this is the perfect getaway from all the daily distractions at your office a creative working space in the heart of old Amsterdam

The Location, a unique venue where creativity meets productivity and new ideas are created. 

Offsite business gatherings benefit a company and its individual employees, from enhanced team performance and job satisfaction to making employees feeling special and more. 

Prompt new ideas, solutions and perspectives. 


You want a quick way to kill creativity? 

Do the same thing in the same space every day. 

While a routine is nice and comfortable, it also blocks creativity. 


Get your employees away from your boring, white-walled meeting room—a change of scenery may be just what you need to spark some innovation or a creative solution to a current problem. 


And we have that perfect creative space for you and your employees 

The Location is at all times entirely exclusive to you and your group 

(whether you are 6 or 60 persons).

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